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Web Design & Development

Want to be a Web developer?

You are in the right Place!


Learn Web development from scratch until you be a expert.

Some popular courses:

Front End Development

1.PHP from scratch(Duration:3-4 months)

2.Word Press(1 month)

3.Java Script/JQuery/NodeJs (3-4 months)

5.HTML in dreamweaver(2 months)

6.Content Management System (3 months)

7.J2EE(JSP,Servlet,Java)    (6  months)

8.ASP/.NET       (3-4 months)

Back End Development

1.Oracle DBA (6 months)

2.My SQL (3-4 months)

System Administration

1.UNIX System Administration(3-4 months)

2.UNIX Server Maintenance(FTP,DHCP,NFS etc)(3-4 months)

Programming Languages

The List is extensive.Some of them are-

C,C++,Java,C#,Visual C++,Perl,Unix Shell scripting etc(Most of them are 4-6 months course)


Application development

1.Android Application development(3 months)



1.Network Security(2-3 months)

2.Ethical Hacking(2-3 months)




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